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The Carents Room is committed to transforming ageing by supporting Carents and unleashing Carent power.
Ageing does not need to be grey!


Our word for mid life children providing care for elderly relatives in the community.


Our word for the multitude of activities carents undertake as first aiders, homemakers, care coordinators, personal shoppers, chauffeurs, secretaries and financial or legal advisers.

The Carents Room?

Founded on my personal and professional ambition to make ageing and caring a happier, healthier and more engaged experience.

As a dually qualified GP and Consultant in Public Health Medicine, I have over 30 years of experience tackling ageing in individuals and communities but the direct experience of caring for my elderly father and being supported by others in similar roles afforded me new insights into the challenges of ageing and caring.

My experience showed that ageing and caring in the UK can be isolating and challenging, compounded by a lack of recognition and a shortage of suitable information, services, products and experiences which could make life easier for busy carents and their ageing parents. National research shows that my concerns are shared by millions of families in the UK.

Ageing does not need to be grey!

I realised that, although there is a global commitment to tackle ageing, current strategies do not adequately support carents or realise their value. With more recognition and support, carents can better safeguard their own and their parents wellbeing, reduce avoidable pressures on formal health and care services, and shape the development of suitable ageing products.

I created The Carents Room to give carents the support and opportunities they need to make life better for themselves, their parents, and our ageing society.

The Carents Room is a self funded venture committed to quality and transparency, respect and equality. If you share these values and want to support carents or improve ageing, then please join in. The door is wide open and together we can make a difference.

Welcome to The Carents Room!

About our content


Our content is NOT intended as, nor should it be used as, a substitute for medical advice.  Anyone with medical problems should seek personalised professional advice from a suitably qualified health care professional.

Our content is underpinned by the NHS England Information Standard principles.  It is based on published best practice and tailored to reflect the concerns of mid life adults who are caring for their elderly relatives living in the UK so that they can:

  1. Identify and access resources which could improve health, wellbeing, independence, and quality of life for their elderly relatives
  2. Identify and access resources which could improve their own health, wellbeing and quality of life and help them plan for their old age
  3. Understand more about ageing and how to modify its impact on health, wellbeing, independence, and quality of life
  4. Shape the socio-political environment in the UK to promote safety, health& wellbeing, and independence for older people

All content is copyright ©Strata Nostra Ltd 2020 – current year. All rights reserved.

Carents is a registered trademark held by Strata Nostra Ltd

An independent, online platform powered by a combination of professional expertise and real life experience, focused on the needs, roles and lives of carents.

All of The Carents Room information is professional, objective and practical. Written by experts in health and care, our content is based on best practice and evidence and directly informed by carents.

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