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Help with waste bin collections

Local councils help disabled people

In the face of ill health, disability and cognitive decline, it’s easy to forget to put the bins out and miss a collection.   And if you have breathing difficulties, balance, mobility, sight or other disabilities it can also be physically challenging and potentially dangerous to have to present your rubbish.  Especially if it means dragging a heavy bin to the kerbside on a dark evening in icy, windy or other bad weather. 

Good neighbours and carents often take on the weekly challenge of remembering to pull out the relevant bin and leave it kerbside. But we have discovered you don't have to!

Although they don’t advertise the fact - most councils will make arrangements to help with rubbish collections if someone really can’t cope. 

Councils don't make it too easy (sigh) to organise, but the option exists.  Either contact your local council or search the relevant "refuse collection" section of their website. It's likely that you will need to fill in a form explaining why your relative needs this service. This form will then be considered and very probably approved. From then on the bins will be collected from outside the house without anyone having to present them kerbside.

Try making life easier on the rubbish front  by arranging help with bin collections!  Contact your local council to make arrangements.

Every little helps - ageing doesn’t need to be grey! 

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November 2021

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