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Our online community has been recognised

09 March 2021 | 2 minutes

Our online community for carents has been shortlisted for three awards!

We had special reason to celebrate on International Women’s Day with the exciting news that our founder, Dr Jackie, and our online community has been shortlisted for three awards. Wow!

The annual Digital Women Awards celebrate women working in and around digital and digital-based businesses who are doing the most incredible work in their respective industries. The awards are open to any woman working in and around digital and entrepreneurship who has gone over and above in their field. 

The 2021 awards are:

  • Female led community award
  • Community leader award
  • Digital Woman for Good award

Female led community award 

The Digital Women Community of The Year award recognises and celebrates communities that are providing a safe and meaningful place for its members to interact. Bringing like-minded people together with common goals, values, or interests. Particularly those supporting women. 

Community leader award

The Digital Women Community Leader of The Year Award recognises and celebrates women who are leading communities. This award acknowledges women whose service and contribution to their community have had the effect of making a significant difference to people's lives by bringing them together around common causes, interests, or issues. These leaders also provide a safe space for like-minded people to interact. 

Digital Woman for good award

The Digital Women For Good Award recognises and celebrates women who are working to help others or to highlight important issues and causes. At the core of what they do whether in business or otherwise, these women are working hard to help and support other people as well as great causes through the use of digital and social media.  

It’s always wonderful to be recognised for the work that we do but most importantly, these awards mean that a much wider audience will become aware of the vital role that Carents play and the peer support available amongst our online community. With increasing awareness, more Carents, and those that they care for, can get the recognition and support they need and deserve.